06 October 2009

Gimme A Brick

06 October 2009
Pek Cekkkk! Vomit blood!!

Drawing could be as fun as playing computer games, but for now I just need to take a little breathe.

There are still approximately 7 weeks to go until our final week, final presentation, final exam, final destination o_O and right now, we are all busying working on our final project - Compact Living.

It's about designing a client's house which is as compact as 6 x 6 x 6 meters. Isn't actually very small, but still not very spacious as well. Our objective is to design, locate, spacing, calculate everything, including wall thickness, staircase steps, wide, height, pipe-ing, placing bed, bathroom, kitchen and a working area for the client.

Think think and think

Logistic, perfection, usefulness and all sort of little things that we never realize in our life have come for us to learn.

Anyway, I had a little exam today.

It's the same as secondary school. Questions, blanks and objectives. The only different is we are wearing different different shirts and pants and dress and shoes in class. There are not much questions, and it's totally the same as what the lecture had given us. Too bad I didn't really try to understand how a light bulb lights up and ended up leaving a blank on the answer sheet.

This is University, where freedom and danger exists at the same time.

rite, break's over. Time to get back to my compact living designssss.

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