11 April 2009

Still busy and 'Unavailable'

11 April 2009
My Twin Sharing Room... for the entire 3 years
Can hear people screaming, upstairs playing guitar, downstairs playing loud music.

It's 4.40am now and I haven't go to sleep.

I'm using my roommate's Acer laptop and Celcom Broadband to go online, searching for useful information for my never-ending assignments.

And this Sunday Imma go to KLCC PC Fair to hunt for a laptop, hope the plan works out =)

Busy bisy bizzie.

4.55am... listening to music, searching for info.

Until next time.

4 Drops of Rain:

:': sweeney珊 :': said...

i found out tat everyone go college sure wil become nite cat..haha

take good care then !

Me said...

big boy liao!

enjoy ur life neh =)

橙市人 said...

haha... a good beginning...
wish u have a nice brand new life there...^^

阴天雨 said...

sweeney, not i want to be arr, but being forced to, haha = ="

Me, yaya, day by day become big =D I'm enjoying here~

橙市人, Yeah, beginning not bad, but now i flu already = =

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