18 April 2009

One Day In LUCT

18 April 2009
Today morning I wake up at 7.30 and take a bath. After drinking something contain cereal and eating butter bread, I take my bag, A3 Portfolio and keys and left my 'house'.

At 8.00am I go to the lobby canteen, and wait for the school bus to come. When the bus arrives, I queue into the line and show the green bus card to the security guard before entering the bus. I find myself a place and sit down, and the 15minutes journey to school begins.

Most of the people in the bus just sit and wait, while some of them listen to mp3, chat with friends and study etc. People who are abit late and doesn't want to ride the next bus will have to stand in the bus whole way to the school.

Main entrance of LUCT
with 4 drums and 1 White Phoenix in the middle

When I reach school, I get down from the bus and head to the Plaza. The Plaza is like a lobby, a hall of LUCT. There's canteen, gym, cafe, pub, clinic, stationary shop, print shop, 10ten convenience shop etc.

Part of the Plaza, when there's no one around.

My classmates are already there, and I go meet with them. After a short chat, we will head to our designated class. Usually my classes start on 9am.

The classroom
With students from China, Middle Asia, Indonesia etc.

Most of the class is not as beautiful as you think. It's just a room with adjustable tables and different type of chairs. Since the walls are empty, so usually the classes are full of echo. I must take out 120% of concentration to listen to what the lecturer is talking about.

Sometimes we mix classes, sometimes we are alone.

Ok, my class ends on 11am, sometimes 1pm. It's lunch time. Time to go to the Plaza again and have lunch.

Chicken Chop RM8.00
Available choices :
French Fries or Mashed potato
Lamb or Fish or Chicken Chop
and more...

To be honest, the food here is expensive. I think the cheapest food is Mixed Rice, with a bowl of white rice and 2 types of dishes, and that will cost RM4.00. Usually things here cost RM5 ~ RM8. If you feel like don't want to spend so much, then... go buy bread at 10ten.

People often sell things at the middle of the Plaza
Books, clothes, accessories, handbags, egg tart etc

After lunch, I still have class on 2.30 ~ 5.30. Between 1.00pm ~ 2.30pm, we sometimes just chit chat at the plaza, sometimes we go to the pub, or the library.

The Pub
Smaller than Pool, RM3 per game.
There's also a computer centre for gaming and surfing net here

Then we head to the next class. After finish our class, usually we go back home by taking the bus again. People don't queue anymore, they squeeze into the bus.

The bus stop
I managed to squeeze into the bus
outside those people will have to wait for another bus;
or you can take a cab if you feel like spending abit.

The corridor to where I stay.
I stay at Desaria.

The main door.
Well, one of my housemate is a china man, in his 30s.
He doesn't have any safety precaution, always.
The surprise is always behind the door.

The living room
My house has the most beautiful view in Desaria
Look at the china man's red underwear.
It's striking, isn't it?

After taking dinner at the canteen with my room mate, we head back to the house and start our never ending assignments.

Time to do Assignment.


7 Drops of Rain:

Me said...

woa ur hostel is way too cool dude!

阴天雨 said...

hmm.. can say it's a condo.. not the classical school hostel..

Me said...

the food looks so nice >..<

how much ah the rent?

阴天雨 said...

rent? rm340 per person, and it's still twin sharing.

Air conditioner, table with 3 shelves, cupboard with 2 shelves and a bed are provided for a person.

Electricity and water bill are included in the rent. Internet not included.

Me said...

paradise man.. =(

vivian said...

love the red undies~~~ can u keep it as souvenir~~~ xp

阴天雨 said...

the china man is leaving, i think I'm unable to see it hanging there anymore =(

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