27 April 2009

After A Month

27 April 2009
It's been a month since I first came here.

and I never knew talking in my own blog is so hard now days.

Things are getting harder without any specific reason. Hmm... maybe I felt sicked of the food there, so sometimes deciding on what I should eat is a tough mission. At first I used to eat mixed rice in the canteen where I lived. After some time I knew some new friends, and they bring me out hunting for nicer food, that's when I started to 'improve', and begin to hunt for nicer food.

Assignments are rushy as usual, I should just improve myself on when I should do it. Math is haunting again, Tangen, Sinus, Cosinus? what are those?? I'm so lost in Trigonometry, gotta re-learn that, if not, how to become what I wanted to become?

Actually I still haven't try buying the bus ticket myself. And now, I'm back in Kuantan this time all thanks to my relative, who fetch me to buy ticket and fetch me to the bus terminal. Hugging my laptop, I slept in Transnational comfortably for nearly 4 hours. Father wasn't awake when I reached the bus terminal of Kuantan, and I was quite worried if anything... =x but luckily. I've asked the taxi driver how much from here to Fei Ngor Si, he said 15, then later 13.

I've update my friendster picture, well.. just uploaded one new photo.. I haven't really taken picture with my classmates, not really so close yet. Sometimes I just feel like can't join in to their conversation. They like to joke alot, I just couldn't follow fast enough. I've been a quiet boy for a long time, it's quite hard to change all of a sudden. Maybe I should just use another unique way to become one of them too. hahaha say until I'm so left out, no lah.

But still, I like all of my classmates.

Yes I'm back in Kuantan now. Maybe I'll be going back to the 'deserted island' on 8th or 9th. I should celebrate Mother's Day earlier then.

Aih do you feel any espression in this post? I feel like a poker face is telling story. I wish I can blog as lively as 'Sweatlee' someday.

2 Drops of Rain:

橙市人 said...

poker face...
haha... anyway... gambateh la^^

阴天雨 said...

haha.. thanks =)

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