06 November 2008


06 November 2008


  • List out things that make you smile, happy
  • Then tag it to your friends
Geez, I sux in smiling when taking photos. See the 'new spec' photo below this post xDD
I smile and happy when...

- Rain comes
- Windy days
- Crap and joke with friends
- Look at the person I like
- Watch comedy... well, it's more than smile
- A glass of iced lemon tea appear infront of me
- Fridays and Saturdays say ' hi '
- Someone reply me
- Meet a friend in a total foreign place
- Bought something nice for own use
- Snap a nice photo of something nice
- Know the solution to the problem
- Receive present from someone important
- Look at people dancing
- Being invited to take photos for/ with people
- Being Kiss (*o_O*)
- You say the egg I fry is golden, nice and tasty
- I appreciate someone for helping me
- Successfully help someone
- Being praise by someone
- Go Basketball or Sing K
- Go The One?
- Look at nice nice design

- and honestly... when I leave form6...

And I would like to tag... tell me if you wanna tag by me.

- calvintky1122

3 Drops of Rain:

Anonymous said...

lolz, sam...
yea, we will graduate soon...
then hav more time to play d~~


calvintky1122 said...

tag me plz..tis tag cool =p

½ said...

i wan i wan hahahaha

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