07 November 2008

One Of The Happy Days

07 November 2008
Secondary school days are over. No more boring assembly under the pressure of being capture because of long hair, no more canteen food that would likely cause someone visit the toilet for more than 8 times a day, no more voices of disliked teachers in class, no more dully 'Selamat sejahtera...' everytime teacher comes in, no more avoiding CCTVs in school under thesixthsense, no more secondary school uniform, no more worrying about your untidy hair, clothes or even loosen tie, no more... no more...

We got Majlis Restu Ilmu in the early morning. Hand shaking session among teachers and form5 form6 students for more than 1 hour in the tiny little school hall which is full of memories. Everyone cheer and clap hands happily after HM finish his speech. He will retire on 2010, so I'll likely see him again when I come back to obtain my result and certs a second year later. Heard that Mr.Raj and Cikgu Hussein are going to leave the school next year.

After aranging the tables and chairs for our own seat in exam, everyone starts their own photography session... chit chat and so on. They also praise me lookin' good with the new spec xDD *am song am song* maybe it is because I got gel my hair today...

We even have a big blueberry cake to eat, it was from Pn.Teh - The well known Economy Teacher in SMKAP. The cake, it was very very nice. Everyone was like striving to be first and fearing to be last for the cherries and blueberries that were placed on top of the icing.

And then... Holidays are here.

Don't worry, I said to myself, I'm not gonna miss the school. I appreciate every friends that I meet, and appreciate everything that I've learned so far. I wonder if I have already become matured a tiny little bit... but all I can say is, I'm happy, right now.


Exam is here too.

6 Drops of Rain:

Qmiao_miao said...



Qmiao_miao said...


阴天雨 said...

知己也!哈哈… 谢谢你的祝福咯~

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Mei tung said...

i found tat u lost 1 blueberry.. =.=

阴天雨 said...

Hahahaha~ your eye arh.. so sharp xD

it dropped at the corner of left side of the pic =D coz of sum notty girl's hand~ haha...

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