14 August 2008

Random Movie Talk

14 August 2008
After I downloaded episode 1 of "命中注定我爱你", I feel that the drama is very nice! Now downloading episode2, I know I'm slow.. haha

Usually I go gougou.com to find songs and movies, coz the seeds and peers, to make it simple, the download speed it provided us is FAST. Not like EMule, dammit, need to wait and queue and wait... wait till vomit blood, but if you want to download some useful programs like Adobe Photoshop CS3 or whatever, you can try finding it using EMule.

Kuantan's Pikom PC Fair is coming.. and I forgotten what I wanted to buy. Anyway, my computer is not worth upgrading anymore. Most likely, replace the speaker, or.. empty CDs? Duh.

Anyone who like to watch Anime, I proudly introduce you "Keroro The Movie 3" lol. Anyway, it's nice too. 1.30hours of movie, worth watching it. Heart rendering and funny.

If you want to compare " Zohan " and " Meet Dave ", I declare that Meet Dave is the winner in my heart lolz. Zohan is too fake, fake lol fake. At least we know Meet Dave is fiction...

Next, I wanna watch Disney Pixar's "Wall-E"... but wait till I finish watching 命中注定我爱你 - Episode 2 first.



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