15 August 2008

Aiko Maeda

15 August 2008
We, RTM Station
*I'm the camera man...

Ganesh was there, and he told us he just lived nearby. The whole quiz was quite boring actually. At first each of us get a bag full of things inside - there were a black pen, a notebook, timetable and a T-shirt, and all we've done was drawing and scribbling in the notebook for the whole time... some pigs dunno how to use earphone sat behind us, and infront of us were a group of monkeys.

Anyway, not bad. At least I've seen something new.. and something fake - if the program is on the TV (dunno RTM 1 or RTM 2), and there is a scene everyone's clapping their hand, tell you what, it's very fake.. not live at all.. haha..coz we've been ordered to do so, and we cant stop unless they satisfied recording. Keep on NG NG NG.

Me and Aiko Maeda
from Japan

She's going back to Japan soon... gotta e-mail every picture that has her in it.

2 Drops of Rain:

:': phAik sAn :': said...

wao..the japanese so pretty wor...compared to my sch 1..errr........dun1 say la..u noe i noe la..

samlzx said...

Hm.. I don't think I've seen your school's japanese..

Well, sounded i'm luckier.. haha.. but i only seen her for 3~4 days, and communicated for 2~3 days =p

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