09 August 2008

A Treat for ICT Annual BBQ Contributors

09 August 2008
Oww, not again! My left eye... feels sour and also looks tired.

Every time I go to ECM, my eyeball (left or right, depends randomly) sure very pain, feel like it's going to burst like a balloon wtf. When this happens, all I can do is close my eyes to give it a rest...

but wait, let me post this err.. kind of a celebration first.

The ICT Club is giving the AJKs a treat, that those who contributed to the ICT Annual BBQ were invited to go to ECM to have a lunch within a hundred dollars. And as a result, 9 people were celebrating there just now.

We went to 'Fun Hei Dei' (in cantonese). I ordered a RM6.90 '5 scoops ice cream' (omg this is the shiawase day of my life wtf) while they ordered a kinda spicy fried rice(someone shed tears), fruit juice inside a pineapple shell, mushroom soup inside a baked bread(wow this is something new), and more... and a long bill came.

Siew Teng told us, "Hundred and sixty five..."

Kok Chun was shocked and amazed by the price, he took out his wallet and wondered seriously, how come 9 people can eat until so much so expensive... and after everything was made clear, we all only realized that Siew Teng was talking about "RM100.65" lolololol... I joked with them, later if we don't have enough money to pay the bills, we decided to let Kok Chun stay in Fun Hei Dei and wash plates to cover it~ wakaka~

After the meal, the girls went to do the shopping while boys? Pity, we folloooowed behind them all the way... from ground floor until 2nd floor, then from 2nd floor to ground floor.. oh yea, MBS BookStore is finally there, but very very dissapointingly I found no chinese novel =( and the stationaries all that, the pricing are extremely higher than elsewhere! I started to wonder if MBS is meant for Malays only..

Today is Kai Yin's birthday, and so ngam I met her and her friends in ECM...
Happy Birthday, once again.. =)

After they finished their window shopping in ECM, we all headed to Megamall by foot. This time, it's boy's zone lol. We played Daytona and surprisingly I got the 1st place.. haha.. Don't say I bully, it's just luck that I drifted nicely everytime...

Haih, starting to miss the days playing Daytona and DDR with William and friends.. xD

Thats it, I'm going to bed... eye pain dy, tomorrow still need to help ppl format computer, olala~

Something new rite?? Bread and mushroom soup, oh, and a cover

The leader of the day!
I mean.. the 2nd person at the back, not the front guy =D

Car radio's antenna
Raining, soon
Random pic, lol

Mine! Muahahahahaha!

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da Princess said...

duh....everytime i went there and order the mushroom soup they always tell me 'NO STOCK'...gek sei zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

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