25 December 2009

Santa in da Island

25 December 2009
2nd Heaven & Blue Angel
both contain Sprite

This year's Christmas Eve I went to Island Red Cafe to celebrate Christmas Eve with some friends since there's no other plan for that night.

But before that I went to ECM to withdraw some $ and surprisingly I met Ji Yan there, omg its been a long time since I last saw her. She's sososososo pretty in person o_O and I was so paiseh coz my hair's in once in a blue moon condition.. I'm out of idea how to 'decorate' it anymore =_="

SO... back to Island Red Cafe, located at the corner of China Town, beside ECM. Basically they decorated their shop with ribbons, decorative snow flakes and balloons and omg I tell you the balloons were damn scary lor! So my friend and I was chatting and then suddenly "POW!" then all the customers were like " !!!!! " everyone was stunned and their eyes were opened to the maximum width like "wth happened just now!?"

Ha...! Balloons are so wrong.

But there was one great part where Santa appeared =D

Santa giving presents

That night the shop was full of little kids and adults. Christmas songs were played and yeah the atmosphere was good. I was sososo excited when Santa appeared! Hahaha just hope he would gimme some present! Anything >_<
Santa's going to the other side to find little children

Surprisingly I met Elaine, Angie and Chris while yamchaing with my friends. Was so happy that night...

Elaine, Angie, me and Chris with a Christmas Tree and Presents

Anyway, I managed to have a photograph with Mr.Santa before I leave! ^_^
and check it out! see his stomach? It's dropping.


Merry Christmas 2009!!


2 Drops of Rain:

Ji Yan said...

sosososo pretty ar?? LOL damn kua jiong ok!! anyway yeahh nice meeting u too..ur hair ok wat :D

阴天雨 said...

noooooooooo >_<

anyway I bought Gatsby Super Hard for myself yesterday xD

even my friend beside me also said you are so pretty ~ haha i feel so bangga for you =D

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